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Pierre Boulez

Thirty years ago, the discussions between the partisans of absolute rigour and those who were participating in a great experiment were determined, or even aggressive, to the distress of those who found themselves on the other side of the argument. In the end, the problem was far from solved, in any simple or definitive way. The seductions of the motif were quickly forgotten in favour of simpler and more malleable categories; more complex structures were developed to define dynamic forms. The first thing we observe is the pleasure of invention, essentially an instrument of a communication network capable of recreating a complex world with all its contradictions. Thirty years may seem like a very short time. In thirty years, the dominant personalities have been replaced and even the social situation has changed. Certain orthodoxies have vanished while others have taken their place. That is why we must pay attention to what passes before our eyes, while not forgetting independence of invention, the treasure that is our best protection against a certain rigidity of conduct.
I am glad to be one of the witnesses of this evolution, which is strongly demonstrated by the painting of Stefan Anton Reck.

Stefan Anton Reck. Pittura. Suono Gesto Segno
Iemme Edizioni, Napoli, 2014


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